I Want a Nose Ring and That Has Nothing to Do with Dating (I Think)

A State of Motion


Confession: I have a lower back tattoo. I refuse to call it a tramp stamp because the term is ridiculous and offensive and meaningless. And I also believe that term was coined after I was inked, mine is not right in the middle of my back and it’s not as low as more recent lower back tattoos because when I got mine, the waistbands on pants were still at or above the belly button. So there. True story.

Over the years I admit I’ve been tempted to get more tattoos but nothing has struck me enough to make that permanent decision. I actually sometimes forget about the one I already have. I’ll be at the gym and raise my arms enough for my shirt to ride up a bit and a friend will say, “Hey, I didn’t know you have a tattoo!” and I’ll turn around like a dog chasing…

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