Any type of drug that is used to help cats, dogs or even humans sleep can be dangerous. Always check with your vet before giving sleeping pills to cats. There are several reasons why your cat may be having difficulty falling asleep like they used to before, including these…

Reduce Indoor Allergies -Carbon (Charcoal) Air Filters, Dust Mites, Diatomaceous Earth Indoor allergens can cause problems for both adults and children. Pets such as cats and dogs, and smaller animals, such as dust mites, are well known triggers. These animals produce dander that causes irritation in the sinuses.     Environmentally conscious adults are often […]

I was a terrible husband. And it’s not because I’m a massive jerk, or abusive, or particularly difficult to get along with. I was a terrible husband because I didn’t respect my wife&#… Source: An Open Letter to Shitty Husbands

Damage to furniture can cause problems in the home, especially if one person was not too happy about having a cat there in the first place. If you don’t want to declaw your cat but need to protect your sofa and armchairs, nail caps for cats will work. Nail caps for cats fit neatly over […]

There are several foods to avoid on coumadin. By avoiding these foods, you will know that you are allowing your body to respond to the medication as it was intended. While no one can guarantee that they will always get the best results from any type of medication, avoiding foods that interfere with the way […]

Brussel sprouts are a good source of Vitamin K. This vitamin is essential in our diet and can affect many different aspects of health. If you like brussel sprouts, enjoy them with your meals for this health benefit. Eating brussel sprouts can also improve the health of your skin, since Vitamin K is good for […]

If you are interested in nursing as a career, finding a good school should be a priority for you. Both women and men are working in this field nowadays, although at one point there were hardly any male nurses in the field. When you are trained as a nurse, you can move to several different […]