Brussel sprouts are a good source of Vitamin K. This vitamin is essential in our diet and can affect many different aspects of health. If you like brussel sprouts, enjoy them with your meals for this health benefit. Eating brussel sprouts can also improve the health of your skin, since Vitamin K is good for […]

If you are interested in nursing as a career, finding a good school should be a priority for you. Both women and men are working in this field nowadays, although at one point there were hardly any male nurses in the field. When you are trained as a nurse, you can move to several different […]

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HOW DID THESE WOMEN MANAGE? THIS ORNAMENT CALLED NOSE-RING? Seriously, how did these women manage? These women from over generations to today? How have these Indian women managed this Indian custom of wearing a nose-ring? After my own experience, I’m in awe, wonderstruck, speechless & humbled. For all women who are aspiring to get a…

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Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, known for being fashion forward, wore a nose ring (“nathani”) as the only piece of jewelry at Cannes Film Festival in 2013—presumably both as a style statement and a declaration of her “Indian-ness”. By Tanvi Misra  Some women choose to wear…

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Confession: I have a lower back tattoo. I refuse to call it a tramp stamp because the term is ridiculous and offensive and meaningless. And I also believe that term was coined after I was inked, mine is not right in the middle of my back and it’s…

The Common Chaste Tree is a medicinal plant that is useful in treating some gynecological disorders. This tree is indigenous to the Mediterranean and has traditionally been used to help with infertility in women who are suffering from hyperprolactinaemia. Hyperprolactinaemic infertility is sometimes caused by medication which interfere with the processes involved in ovulation. Women […]

Diabetics are more prone to damage in the nerves of their feet. This makes it more likely that they will have injuries that go unnoticed for a while and develop into bigger problems. If you are diabetic it is important to check your extremities regularly for small cuts and bruises and take care of these […]