Tips on Elderly Diabetic Foot Care – Prevent or Manage Pain, Ulcers and Other Problems

Diabetics are more prone to damage in the nerves of their feet. This makes it more likely that they will have injuries that go unnoticed for a while and develop into bigger problems. If you are diabetic it is important to check your extremities regularly for small cuts and bruises and take care of these promptly.

PD Wikimedia Commons

PD Wikimedia Commons

It is not uncommon for people with problems associated with their blood sugar levels to have ulcers in their legs. With proper care, these can heal. However it requires dedicated attention daily.

Diabetics should do the following:
1. Exercise regularly to maintain circulation
2. Always wear some sort of comfortable covering on their feet, in order to prevent injuries
3. Check their feet every day for injuries or ask someone else to help
4. Avoid extreme heat or cold near the feet
5. Cut out habits such as smoking that cause damage to the circulatory system
6. Always dry feet carefully after bathing or swimming

While the feet often seem to exhibit nerve damage more quickly than other areas, diabetic neuropathy may be experienced all over the body. For example, men and women may have nerve damage in the hands and arms and in organs such as the heart.


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